1- Afaf Mousa. A Framework for Model-Driven Service Composition. Concordia University.

2- Manouchehr Zadahmad. Domain-Specific Version Control Systems. Université de Montréal.


1- Daniel Devine. Concern-Oriented Software Language Engineering. Trent University.

2- Anshuman Kush. Modelling Traffic Delays for Transit Buses Using LSTM Neural Networks. Trent University.

3- Yassemin Nassar: TBA. Trent University.

4- Weiyi Bian: TBA. Trent University.

Alumni, the following students have graduated and moved onto exciting opportunities :

1-Nirmal KanagasabaiTowards Online, Collaborative, Multi-View Modelling Using CollabCORE. MSc Thesis. Software Developer @PointClickCare

2- Saalar Faisal (NSERC USRA). Analyzing GPS Location Data to Model the Delays for TTC Buses. Software Developer @OntarioPowerGeneration