In Progress:

1. Concern-Oriented Reuse, O Alam, J. Kienzle, G. Mussbacher. [Journal paper].

2. Modular Design of Security Patterns Using Concern Oriented Design Modelling. O Alam, P Nguyen. [Conference Paper].

3. Concern-Oriented Incremental Modeling. O Alam, J. Kienzle. [submitted].

Refereed International Journal papers:

  1. Modelling a family of systems for crisis management with concern-oriented reuse. O Alam, J. Kienzle, G. Mussbacher. Journal of Software: Practice & Experience. December 2016. Wiley.
  2. Preserving knowledge in software projects. O Alam, B Adams, AE Hassan. Journal of Systems and Software 85 (10), 2318-2330. 2012. Elsevier.

Refereed International Conference and Workshop Papers:

21- Concern-Oriented Incremental Modelling. O Alam and J Kienzle. In Proceedings of Annual International Conference on Computer Science and Software Engineering (CASCON’17), Toronto, Canada, 2017. ACM.

20- Towards Collaborative Modeling Using a Concern-Driven Version Control System.  O Alam, V Sousa and E Syriani. In Proceedings of International Workshop on Collaborative Modelling in MDE, Austin, TX, U.S.A., 2017 (COMMitMDE’17). ACM.

19- VCU: The Three Dimensions of Reuse. J Kienzle, G Mussbacher, O Alam, M Schöttle, N Belloir, P Collet, B Combemale, J DeAntoni, J Klein, B Rumpe. International Conference on Software Reuse. pages 122-137. 2016. Springer. **Invited to a Special Journal Issue**

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15- TouchRAM: a multitouch-enabled software design tool supporting concern-oriented reuse. M Schöttle, O Alam, FP Garcia, G Mussbacher, J Kienzle. Proceedings of the companion publication of the 13th international conference on Modularity (2014), 25-28. ACM.

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4- Designing with inheritance and composition. O Alam, J Kienzle. Proceedings of the 3rd international workshop on Variability & Composition. 19-24. ACM. 2012.

3- Comparing six modeling approaches. G Mussbacher, W Al Abed, O Alam, S Ali, A Beugnard, V Bonnet, R Bræk, …Models in Software Engineering, 217-243. 2012.

2- Measuring the Progress of Projects Using the Time Dependence of Code Changes. O Alam, B Adams, A E Hassan, (2009). In proceedings of 25th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance (ICSM). pp 329 – 338. **Best Paper Award**

1- A Study of the Time Dependence of Code Changes. Alam, O., Adams, B., Hassan, A.E. (2009) WCRE 2009: 21-30.


1- Concern-Oriented Reuse: A Software Reuse Paradigm. PhD thesis, McGill University, 2016.

2- Studying Software Evolution Using the Time Dependence of Code Changes. Master’s thesis, Queen’s University, 2010.